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Which IPO Finder Company Will Find You The Best Investments To Make More Money?

Many may not know about the existence of IPO companies, but there are websites that actively find the best offerings on the public market that will benefit investors. Many of these websites give regular updates while highlighting future companies that may go public. This is an excellent guide to have and something that every investor should have as a guide. The essence of IPO success depends on knowing which companies that are performing well along with others that are not faring so well. IPOs do not guarantee success of a company do not always, and many companies that were thought to be sure bets flopped horribly on the market. Facebook is one such company that was promoted and favored until the IPO tanked among investors and was found out to only benefit Facebook workers. A good IPO finder will not only have IPO information, but current news and updates for wider context.


Facebook IPO - pix 02

Facebook IPO - pix 02 (Photo credit: k-ideas)

There are few companies that offer such comprehensive information on IPOs, and investors must be careful when it comes to avoiding scammers and people less than competent about IPO information. However, most IPO finder companies are reputable and will help investors focus on the industries and companies that will expand their assets. While there is no guarantee for success in the IPO market, investors can get a head start on the best companies to hold a stake in a company’s future.


IPO finder is a great tool for those interested in investment banking and hedge funds. Not only do they give updates on new IPOs, but offer plenty of information on stocks, trading and market trends. Such a site is an invaluable resource for anyone entrenched in investment banking. It is also a great guide for newbie investors looking to get initiated in the investing world. The public market can be an overwhelming endeavor so there is a need for up-to-date information. IPO finder is one of the most direct ways of finding public stocks, and they have in-depth news and analysis on the best IPOs on the market.


Renaissance Capital
Renaissance Capital is one of the best information sites investors. The website is focused on IPO oriented information, and the content is up to date. The webmasters have a focused platform, and their passion for IPOs is highly apparent. There are all types of information available to web visitors along with a legitimate IPO service that helps investors match the best IPOs based on their money and assets. The company conducts thorough research and caters all work according to the client’s needs and interests. Renaissance Capital seems like a company that will help investors immensely with so much information available to investors at their disposal.


IPO Monitor
IPO Monitor has plenty of technical information plastered on the front page for their website with numbers, data and companies that shows signs of doing the best on the market. Investors will have up to date information and will be able to see the numbers for themselves. IPO Monitor is a more detail oriented website focused on numbers and hard data. Investors who want to see the analysis firsthand. There is a section for the best and worst performers and a login page where investors can take advantage of their services.


$FB—I feel you. You have had a straight fall r...

$FB—I feel you. You have had a straight fall right from the get-go and now barely holding at half your original IPO. / SML.20121224.Finance.Data.Facebook.Future.Opinions (Photo credit: See-ming Lee 李思明 SML)

IPO Stocks
IPO Stocks has plenty of flowing charts and graphical data. There is information on world currency, overseas affairs and information on precious metals as well. There is not much information other than the charts and data, but it is the best singular resource for people who need quick information on international affairs. IPO stocks give quite a bit of background information and world context.


Based in India, Chittargarh offers IPO information from an international perspective. There is also a blog and discussion forum where investors can flock and find out the latest inside information. Sometimes the best information that investors can get is from other investors. Chittargarh also has a performance ticker, current reporting and prospectus documents. Though this IPO finder is tailored for international clientele, it may give American investors some information in the larger markets and the rising tide of investment and innovation in places like India. Many investors are looking to invest in India because of its growing industry and entrepreneurship. At first Chittorgarh may not seem like much use for local investors, but the site can be a window into the world trends.


IPO Premium
According to their website description, IPO Premium will not only help investors find IPOs, but will educate clients on how to invest in the IPO market. Few other companies do this which makes it a reassuring process to new investors testing the IPO waters. The company has a multi-media platform on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. They have current data and the companies that are currently doing the best and worst. There is even an IPO calendar that displays which companies are offering their stocks along with the price per share. IPO Premium offers a 14 day free trial in order to market their services.


Hoovers.com is focused on data, but there is also a current blog, performance sheets and a list of the best and worst IPO companies. Hoovers even goes the extra mile by giving industry analysis, allowing investors to decide which fields are worth placing money in. Not money other IPO finder companies do this, and all too often investors have to check separate sources to find out the best industries. Hoovers offers a free trial and has a complex system of marketing and generating sales. This could be an asset for investors that are looking to market themselves.

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Infoblox Anticipates $12 to $14 IPO

Infoblox Inc, a maker of network automation hardware and software, states that its IPO of 7.5 million shares will price in the $12 to $14 range.

In its SEC filing, Infoblox says it would sell approximately 5.7 million shares in the offering, with the remaining shares providing by certain current stockholders.

Should Infoblox make the top of its anticipated range, the company will reach a market valuation of approximately $616 million.

The company intends to list its stock on the NYSE under the ticker symbol ‘BLOX.’

Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are lead underwriters for the offering, while additional underwriters include Pacific Crest Securities, UBS Investment Bank, JMP Securities and Stephens Inc.

Cash America Amends Enova IPO

Cash America International, Inc. (NYSE: CSH) today announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Enova International, Inc. (“Enova”), amended its Form S-1 registration statement with the SEC.

The statement was originally filed in September 2011. Cash America and Enova had intended to sell shares of Enova common stock in an IPO, dependent upon market conditions. Cash America planned at that time to divest itself of majority ownership of Enova. The amendment filed today states that only Enova itself plans to sell shares of its stock. Cash America anticipates retaining approximately 80% ownership in Enova.

Enova provides various financial products and services online to under-served consumers in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., and Australia. Enova plans to sell its stock on the NYSE under the ticker symbol “ENVA.”

Splunk IPO Expected at $8 to $10

Splunk Inc, maker of data collection and indexing software, anticipates that its IPO of 13.5 million shares will be priced at $8 and $10 per share. The business will provide about 12.5 million of the shares while selling stockholders will provide the remainder, according to a filing with the SEC. The company would have a valuation of approximately $925.3 million if it prices at high end of the anticipated range.

Though Splunk yet to post a full-year profit, the company’s revenue has almost doubled each year for the last five years.

Private equity companies August Capital, Sevin Rosen, and Ignition Partners are backing Splunk. The company plans to trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol SPLK. Credit Suisse, J.P.Morgan, Morgan Stanley and BofA Merrill Lynch will be lead underwriters for the IPO.

TCP Capital Corp. Prices IPO

TCP Capital Corp. today announced its IPO of 5,750,000 common stock shares will be priced at $14.75 a share. Underwriters were given a 30-day option to buy as many as 862,500 more shares to cover any overallotments. TCP Capital’s stock is scheduled to start trading today on the NASDAQ Global Select Market with the ticker symbol “TCPC.”

TCPC plans to use the net proceeds from this IPO to repay debts under its revolving credit facility, investment that supports its objectives, pay operating expenses, and other general business purposes.

Stifel, Nicolaus & Company and Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. are joint book-running managers for the IPO. Oppenheimer & Co. Inc. is the lead manager.

Millennial Media Closes IPO

Millennial Media, Inc. today announced the closing of its IPO of 10,200,000 common stock shares priced at $13.00 each. 9.2 million shares were sold by Millennial Media and selling stockholders sold 1 million shares. The total IPO size was 11,730,000 shares after underwriters exercised their option to buy 873,270 additional shares from Millennial Media and 656,730 shares from selling stockholders.

Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Barclays Capital were joint bookrunners for the IPO. Allen & Company and Stifel Nicolaus Weisel were co-managers.

Groupon Inc. Sued by Investor

Groupon Inc, the world’s biggest coupon website, is facing a lawsuit filed by a shareholder today. Four days ago, Groupon revised its 4th quarter financial results citing “material weaknesses” in its inner processes, primarily underestimating customer refunds.

The lawsuit claims Groupon overstated revenue, reported misleading and false financials, was deceptive about growth and vulnerability to competitors, and failed to reveal that it doesn’t comply with laws in certain other countries. The suit, filed in federal court in Chicago, aims for class-action status on behalf of investors who bought Groupon stock from November 4, 2011 to March 30, 2012. Similar lawsuits are being considered by other legal firms.

Groupon stock has fallen nearly 25% in value since its IPO.

In addition to Groupon Inc., the suit also names Groupon CEO Andrew Mason as a defendant, as well as several financial institutions involved in the IPO, including underwriters Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, and Morgan Stanley.

Layoffs at Second Market

SecondMarket Inc., a marketplace for trading private company stocks, fired 10 percent of its workforce today in advance of Facebook’s expected IPO. SecondMarket’s final auction of Facebook stock is set for April 3. In February, Facebook announced plans for an IPO estimated at $5 billion. In an emailed announcement, SecondMarket explicitly cited “a post-Facebook world” as one reason for the layoffs. The company previously had 150 employees, and said it has plans for hires in other areas.